Award Recipient


Alyssa Bonnette, doctorate of audiology candidate
Alyssa’s passion for the field of audiology shows in her four years of work in a clinical setting. She has gone above and beyond classroom learning to embrace teaching, mentorship, and curriculum development. Collaborating with the head of the Diagnostic Audiology Program at Boston Children’s Hospital, Alyssa created a curriculum for a hands-on, pediatric hearing-diagnosis course in Northeastern’s Doctorate of Audiology program.


Lauren Brown, master of science degree candidate in industrial engineering
As a member of the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program, Lauren is described by her professors and colleagues as a leader with professional maturity beyond her years. She embodies the true spirit of experiential learning, evidenced by her excellent track record of applying what she learns in her graduate studies at Northeastern to her work at the Winchester Engineering and Analytical Center, where she manages a project aimed at reducing public-health risks.