Award Recipient


James McGrath, doctoral candidate in English
Jim earned this nomination with three major contributions. He has been the linchpin in building a robust digital humanities community at Northeastern, and he has actively organized the graduate student digital humanities community in the greater Boston area. His leadership of the Our Marathon digital archive has made it a model public humanities project that contributes to the university’s, the city’s, and the nation’s conversations about the role of archives as public memorials and platforms for civic outreach. Jim’s management of these projects exemplifies a Northeastern vision of scholarship coupled with community engagement.


Jessica Weaver, doctoral candidate in biology
Jessica is a founder and past president of Graduate Women in Science and Engineering at Northeastern. This student organization promotes the professional and personal advancement of women in STEM fields, provides women with the support and resources necessary to be successful, and helps to create a sense of community. “Success is measured not by what you get out of life, but what you give back, and providing equal opportunity is of particular interest to me,” she says. Jessica is also a vocal advocate and local organizer for the Not for Sale campaign to end human trafficking.


Sarah Gogel, juris doctor candidate
Sarah is the founder and managing director of the international nonprofit organization, Global Potential, which promotes the socioeconomic and cultural advancement of disadvantaged youth in the United States, Latin America, and France. She is the recipient of the PresenTense Boston Fellowship for social innovators, and was recognized by the Boston Metro as Boston Hero of the Year for her commitment to human rights and community service and her work with Boston-area high school students.


Lara Lewis, doctoral candidate in biology
Lara's commitment to science education in the community-particularly through her volunteer work with local youth-has contributed greatly to the mission of the Marine Science Center. A natural communicator, she has been the ideal youth mentor, volunteering dozens of hours to participate in the MSC's educational programs. Her initiative and enthusiasm have spurred the center to formalize its graduate student volunteer experience.