Nomination & Selection Process

The Provost will request nominations early in the academic year and will announce the deadline dates for the nomination process. The process will involve two steps.

  1. Letter of intent
    • Nominators will prepare a signed letter of no more than one page indicating the intent to prepare a nomination. This letter should indicate the basis for the intended nomination and which consideration path it should follow. Nominations must have the written endorsement of the candidate’s dean(s) and department chair(s). The nominator(s) will send this letter plus the proposed candidate's CV to the Provost.
    • The Provost will appoint a five-person University Distinguished Professors Committee of outstanding faculty members to review the letters of intent and recommend those for whom full nomination packages may be prepared. In general, the committee will put forward for nomination a cohort of no more than three times the maximum number of positions determined by the Provost to be available for the year. The committee’s deliberations and recommendations will remain confidential.
    • The President and Provost will review the Committee’s recommendations and invite the nominators of selected candidates to proceed with the full nomination.
  2. Nomination and Selection
    • The nominators will prepare a full nomination package, consisting of a signed cover letter not to exceed two pages, the CV of the candidate, and not more than five letters of support, including a letter of support from the candidate’s dean(s). Including letters from external authorities will strengthen the nomination case.
    • The University Distinguished Professors Committee will review the nomination packages and if necessary solicit additional input. It will prepare a short report on its findings and recommendations. Both the Committee’s report and its deliberations will remain confidential.
    • The President and Provost will determine who among these candidates will be promoted to University Distinguished Professor. This decision is final and not appealable.
    • Faculty invited to become University Distinguished Professors will be recognized at an annual awards convocation.

Nomination and Selection Process for External Candidates

A faculty member who joins Northeastern at the rank of full Professor with tenure may be appointed with the title of University Distinguished Professor at the time of his or her recruitment to the faculty at the determination of the Provost and President. Such appointments are not considered through the committee that evaluates internal candidates and are not included in the annual maximum number of appointments established by the Provost. They are, however, included under the maximum number of faculty who may hold these titles at any one time.

Review of University Distinguished Professors

Faculty members named as University Distinguished Professors bear these titles at the discretion of the President and the Provost. Their performance is reviewed by the Provost and President at five-year intervals.