Eligibility for Nomination

All current Northeastern University tenured faculty members holding the rank of Professor are eligible for nomination for the title of University Distinguished Professor. In addition, under special circumstances the credentials of extraordinary candidates for faculty positions at the rank of Professor may be considered for the title of University Distinguished Professor at the point of hire or during the recruiting process.

Nominations that are not successful in their first year of consideration will remain active for an additional two years.


The combined number of University Distinguished Professors should not exceed 10 percent of the number of tenured faculty at Northeastern University holding the rank of Professor. Each year, the Provost will determine the maximum number of faculty members that may be selected internally. The 10 percent cap applies only to these University-wide honors and does not include holders of endowed named chairs or college-specific titles.

Emeritus Faculty

A faculty member holding the title of University Distinguished Professor may, with the approval of the Provost, hold the title "University Distinguished Professor Emeritus" upon retirement. Emeritus faculty members will not be counted when determining cohort limits.