Klein Lectureship

This award honors tenured or tenure-track members of the professoriate who have contributed with distinction to their field of study, providing a platform for sharing the fruits of this scholarship with the university community and the general public. A faculty committee consisting of a representative of the Office of the Provost, a member of the Faculty Senate Agenda Committee, and past KleinLecturers oversees the selection process for this award.

Award Recipient

Iris Berent, Professor of Psychology, College of Science
Professor Berent’s research examines the basis of the human capacity for language. She addresses the question from a broad interdisciplinary perspective, using a diverse set of methods, languages, and research populations (adults, children, and infants; typically developing readers and those with dyslexia). She has published extensively in top scientific journals, and her book, The Phonological Mind, was published in 2013. A sought-after speaker at top academic institutions in the U.S. and abroad, Professor Berent is also committed to disseminating her research findings to broader public audiences. She holds a master’s and doctorate in cognitive psychology from the University of Pittsburgh.