Award Recipients


Olson SandersTova Olson Sanders, Assistant Academic Specialist in Education and Organizational Leadership
Tova Sanders is a faculty member in the Graduate Education programs of the College of Professional Studies, as well as the head of the Organizational Leadership Studies concentration. Her research and teaching focus on shared and distributed leadership, organizational learning, and individual and organizational identity. She provides exceptionally well-organized and rigorous courses in online formats to graduate students who are working professionals, making deft use of technology to provide extensive feedback. Students praise the organization of her courses for truly scaffolding their learning, especially important in online formats.

ShaughnessyDennis Shaughnessy, Executive Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Professor Shaughnessy’s signature courses—Social Entrepreneurship and the Social Enterprise Field Programs in developing countries—are tied directly to the work of the Social Enterprise Institute that he directs. He designed both the social entrepreneurship track within the D’Amore-McKim School of Business and the interdisciplinary social entrepreneurship minor at the university. Students describe Professor Shaughnessy’s courses as exceptionally demanding and profoundly inspiring, integrating on-campus instruction with fieldwork abroad. He calls upon students to put their ideas to work on compelling global problems, and his courses provide “incredible real-world application of academic concepts,” say his students.


HertensteinJulie Hertenstein, Associate Professor of Accounting
Students describe Professor Hertenstein’s teaching as “brilliant” and her courses as both “intense” and “impeccably mapped.” Her vivid case studies introduce students to the application of accounting principles and concepts in complex real-world situations. Holding both herself and her students to high standards of performance, she approaches accounting from a strategic perspective that helps students learn to “think like managers,” report her students.

PatelRupal Patel, Associate Professor of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology and Computer and Information Science
Students praise Professor Patel’s enthusiasm, teaching style, and passion for linking scientific debates to real-world scenarios. They describe her classes as carefully and creatively structured to foster student success, applauding how she sustains a high level of engagement and rigor. One student said, “This was an amazing course with great application to clinical work”; another reported that “she motivates students to apply concepts to real-life clinical scenarios.”


CramErin Cram, Assistant Professor of Biology
Students praise Professor Cram's teaching as incredibly challenging, exceptionally well organized, and deeply engaging. She uses classroom technologies effectively to focus student learning in large courses. However, she also requires students to write frequently in ways that challenge them to think deeply and retain concepts at the leading edge of research. "The hard work you put in pays off when you realize how much you have learned," says one of her students.

PollastriMichael Pollastri, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Students describe Professor Pollastri as a dedicated, inventive instructor who motivates them to master challenging material. They credit his innovative methods with helping them "to develop an understanding of organic chemistry instead of just memorizing a certain reaction," says one student. By combining enthusiastic personal engagement with classroom technologies like lecture capture, "he provides all the tools necessary to succeed," says another student.


Lori Gardinier, Associate Academic Specialist in Human Services

Gregory Goodale, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies