Selection Criteria

Nominations of full-time faculty members must be for one individual only and not for a group or team. Nominations must have the endorsement of the nominee’s chair(s) (or equivalent) and dean(s); no college may send forward more than three nominees in any year. For the purposes of these limits on nominations, candidates with interdisciplinary appointments will be construed as nominated by the college of their locus of tenure. Nominations must include a cover letter briefly describing the candidate’s research/creative accomplishments for the period of review; the nominee’s curriculum vitae; and appropriate evidence of the quality and significance of the research/creative activity that forms the basis of the nomination (citations, grants, external awards, reviews of creative works or books, as appropriate). A major part of the work on which each nomination is based must have been done while the nominee has served at Northeastern.

Review and Selection

A committee of five faculty members selected by the Provost will review the nominations. The Committee may solicit additional input. It will prepare a short report for the President and the Provost on its findings and recommendations. Both the Committee’s report and its deliberations will remain confidential. The President and the Provost will determine the final award winners, if any. Their decision is final and unappealable.