Excellence in Research and Creative Activity Awards

This award is presented to a full-time faculty member to honor outstanding research and creative activity of national and international significance. The president and the provost determine the recipients on the basis of a faculty committee report of the nominations received.

Award Recipients

tillyJonathan L. Tilly, Interim Dean, College of Science

Professor Tilly has delivered on every conceivable aspect of research creativity and excellence in his illustrious career, including on the most important—real-life application of his research to the benefit of humanity. He is a visionary thought leader in the field of reproductive biology and medicine. He has amassed a long list of seminal publications in highly respected scientific journals and maintained uninterrupted NIH funding for more than 20 years. What truly sets Professor Tilly apart is that, over this past year, his use-inspired research has brought hope to the millions of infertile couples around the world: More than 30 healthy babies have been born through the use of his revolutionary fertility technology called AUGMENT.