Award Recipients


lewisLaura Lewis, Cabot Professor of Chemical Engineering
Through her research on alternative energy technologies, Professor Lewis continues to push the boundaries of identifying and harnessing alternative energy from natural sources. Since joining Northeastern in 2007, she has raised more than $9 million in external grants. Her research has been funded by the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation, among others. She leads a team of interdisciplinary researchers from six partner institutions on a $3.5 million project to advance high-potential energy technologies. Professor Lewis has distinguished herself as a highly creative and collaborative scientist, a prolific scholar, and a tremendous mentor to her students.


MukerjeeSanjeev Mukerjee, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
A world-renowned scientist, Professor Mukerjee’s research has been applied to the development of improved materials for fuel-cell catalysts, an area of international significance. He was instrumental in forming the Northeastern University Center for Renewable Energy Technology, and his research group developed the original idea behind the revolutionary lithium-air battery. Because of his highly collaborative work, Professor Mukerjee has been highly successful in securing large-scale funding from both federal and corporate sources.

WrightArnold Wright, Joseph M. Golemme Research Professor in Accounting
Professor Arnold Wright is a prolific scholar and thought leader, recognized nationally for his contributions in transforming the accounting, audit, and assurance fields. He has held multiple leadership positions in the American Accounting Association and has served as editor for premier scholarly accounting journals. He is also a true role model who has not only developed and implemented an unusually productive and high-impact research agenda, but also is committed to mentoring junior colleagues.


BarrettLisa Feldman Barrett, Distinguished Professor of Psychology
A renowned psychologist, Professor Barrett focuses on the nature of emotion through the lenses of psychology and neuroscience. Her Interdisciplinary Affective Science Lab incorporates methods from social, clinical, and personality psychology psychophysiology; cognitive science; cognitive neuroscience; and visual cognition. She is a research neuroscientist in the Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatric Neuroimaging Research Program and at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging. Her impressive scholarly work is supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and Army Research Institute.

MakriyannisAlex Makriyannis, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Professor Makriyannis is recognized worldwide for his innovative and prolific research in medicinal chemistry. As director and founder of Northeastern’s Center for Drug Discovery, Makriyannis leads a team of more than 50 researchers investigating drug-design synthesis, the endocannabinoid system in drug discovery, and interactions of drugs with membranes. A pioneer in the field, he began his four-decade career designing the methods necessary to discover crucial medications. Most recently, his research has focused on developing medicines—used for weight loss and to treat chronic pain—based the compounds found in cannabis.

2011 Award Recipients

Stephen Nathanson, Professor of Philosophy

Vladimir Torchilin, Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences