Northeastern 2025

Northeastern is embarking on a strategic plan to guide the university’s course for the next ten years.

Provost's Welcome Message

Strategic Themes

Our goal is to create a successful Academic Plan in a changing world, while maintaining our distinctive essence. We invite you to provide your ideas on the following themes that have been identified in the essence discussion and other community deliberations.

Lifelong Experiential Learning

Northeastern’s century of commitment to experiential learning, epitomized in our Cooperative Education (Co-op) Program, differentiates us as a university by providing students with unique, extensive and meaningful professional work experiences, combined with classroom, lab and studio learning.

Faculty of the Future

Northeastern’s 2006-2007 Academic Plan led the university to substantial new investments in tenured and tenure-track faculty: the university recruited 502 new tenured and tenure-track faculty members between 2006 and 2015, many of them in senior ranks and with interdisciplinary appointments.

Global University

Northeastern attracts students and faculty who believe in experiential learning, a cornerstone of what it takes to succeed in different cultures and with people from different cultures.

Research And Scholarship For Impact

Northeastern produces cutting-edge research based on strong disciplinary foundations and interdisciplinary collaborations, facilitated by our innovative applications-based research centers, organizational affiliates, industrial partners, and programs that foster use-inspired research designed to address society’s grand challenges.

A Diverse and Inclusive University

Northeastern has a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion. We are poised to lead other institutions of higher education in promoting diversity and creating a culture of inclusion within and across all missions of the university. Diversity is critical to our commitment to engage with the world, and to impart learning through our powerful experiential model.

PhD Joint Task Force

PhD programs are integral to the research university. Northeastern’s innovative applications-based research centers, cutting-edge research, interdisciplinary collaborations, and deep ties with industry and not-for-profit organizations have the potential to prepare our PhD students to be leaders in a broad range of career pathways.

Defining our Essence

We posed the following question: What is the essence of Northeastern—the distinctive core beliefs and values that orient the university in the midst of change?

Based on feedback from multiple discussions on the Essence of Northeastern, the working group has revised the following draft.

Draft Essence Statement