The Pan Asian American Council is lead by the two PAAC co-chairs, and the PAAC fellows. The co-chairs lead the bi-weekly meetings, and work to ensure that the voice of the Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi, American (APIDA) community is represented on campus. They also work closely with the Asian American Center staff to ensure that the community is supported from different perspectives. The PAAC fellow team is comprised of folks who seek to build community amongst the 11 student organizations, and understand the needs from a larger organizational level. The fellows represent the entirety of the APIDA community and work closely with the co-chairs to create programs that highlight intentional allyship, community awareness, and self-knowledge.

PAAC Co-Chairs

Veronica Shei

Veronica SheiHometown: Honolulu, HI

Major: Computer Science and Marketing

Biography: Veronica Shei is currently in her third year at Northeastern University. During her first year at Northeastern, Veronica become involved in the APIDA community through the AASIA peer mentoring program and NUGOAL. These two programs exposed her to a variety of issues and challenged her to explore her intersectional identities as a Taiwanese American female from Hawaii. In her second year, Veronica served on HONU e-board as co-program coordinator and as a PAAC fellow, giving her the opportunity to further explore her hometown heritage as well as be a part of the new direction of PAAC. She is excited to continue her work as a PAAC co-chair in the 2017-2018 year and hopes to continue learning and growing from the different organizations she has the opportunity to work with.

In her down time, Veronica can usually be found eating, cooking, taking funny photos of her friends (and some nice ones too), or exploring Boston. She is an adrenaline junkie and has gone skydiving, paragliding, jet skiing, and river tracing.

Jasmine Wu

Hometown: Queens, NYjasmine_bio

Major: Journalism

Biography: Jasmine Wu is a third-year whose goal is to connect her passion for APIDA identity issues with journalism to enact social change. At Northeastern, she has written for the Huntington News, Woof Magazine, and the New England Newspaper and Press Association's newsletter. She loves to travel, and traveled to different on a gap year to study international development in the context of social justice and a consulted for micro-businesses in South Africa on a social enterprise Dialogue, which is her minor. In the spring of 2017, she completed her first co-op at The Boston Globe, working on community relations and non-profits, and stayed on as a summer intern. Jasmine is excited to use her second year as a co-chair for to contribute to conversations about the APIDA community at Northeastern.

PAAC Fellows

Isabelle Joy Carillo

Hometown: Washington Township, New Jersey 

Major: Linguistics                        

Isabelle is a sophomore at Northeastern majoring in Linguistics with a minor in Clinical Speech-Language Pathology. Back in high school, she was a flutist, a fencer, peer leader, and part of her service club. Isabelle is passionate about volunteering and back home, she can be found riding as an EMT. On campus, she is a team leader for Jumpstart where she spends her time reading and teaching preschoolers in the area. She is also a part of Barkada which is why she was so inspired to become a fellow for PAAC. The APIDA community has been so welcoming and a such huge part of her first year at Northeastern that she wanted to have an active role in bringing this community even closer, getting to know and work with the different organizations in PAAC, and making sure that everyone in the PAAC community feels at home. 

Kristin Chin

Hometown: Warren, New Jersey 

Major: Bioengineering                        

Kristin is a sophomore at Northeastern University from a small suburban town in New Jersey. Prior to attending Northeastern, she graduated from Watchung Hills Regional High School where she played volleyball and managed the community-bonding Facebook page, “Humans of Watchung Hills”. She also volunteered and worked with special-needs children at the local YMCA. In her free time, Kristin likes to eat, read, and explore Boston.

Since coming to Northeastern, Kristin has been impressed with the APIDA community due to the lack of such community back at home. The desire to help continue foster a welcoming and growing APIDA community inspired Kristin to be involved with PAAC. She hopes to help bring the community at Northeastern even closer throughout her year serving as a 2017-2018 PAAC fellow.