Community Partnerships

Listed below are descriptions and contact information of community organizations with whom the Asian American Center collaborates on various initiatives and programs. During the course of the year, the AAC co-sponsors events with the following groups to serve the constituencies of both organizations.

Asian American Lawyer’s Association of Massachusetts

The Asian American Lawyers Association of Massachusetts (AALAM) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization of over one hundred Asian American lawyers, judges, and law professors. Since its incorporation in 1984, AALAM has devoted its energy and resources to a variety of civic and professional activities at the local, state, and national levels.

Collaborative Efforts with the Asian American Center:

June 7, 2005: “Asians in Politics: A Discussion with Officeholders and Candidates” panel of Asian American elected officials and candidates speak about challenges associated with running for elected office as an Asian American in a state where there has yet to be an Asian American elected to state-wide office.

Boston Progress

Boston Progress provides a safe space for Asian Pacific American perspectives to be expressed and observed through visual, performance and literary arts. Boston Progress seeks to build a sense of community among its membership, and outreach to APA communities by promoting the importance of art as a tool for community education and activism.

Collaborative Efforts with Boston Progress:

2005 APIA Spoken Word & Poetry Summit. Boston Progress Arts Collective will host the 2005 APIA Spoken Word & Poetry Summit from August 18-21, and many of the events will be held on the Northeastern University campus. The country's most respected Asian American and Pacific Islander performers and writers will come from across the nation to take part in this historic event.