What is Asian American Heritage Week?

Asian American Heritage Week (AAHW) will be held from February 12-18, 2017 at Northeastern University. This collection of events is just a small taste of the diversity that represents Asian America – both at Northeastern, and beyond. Our hope is that together, these events will spark discussion and inquiry about where we have come from as Asian Americans, and where we are going. Stop by, take a look, learn more about who we are.

While Asian American Heritage Month is traditionally celebrated in May, we celebrate in February to give our community an opportunity to fully participate in and enjoy the week of events. Our heritage week includes the Day of Remembrance which honors the anniversary of the signing of Executive Order 9066 which sent 120,000 Japanese Americans into internment camps during World War II.

For more information about AAHW: nuaahw@gmail.com

Asian American Heritage Week 2017

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Asian American Heritage Week Co-Chairs

The Asian American Heritage Week Co-chairs are two students who help in creating a theme, curating events for the week, and coordinating the student community to build awareness for AAHW. They work closely with the AAC staff, APIDA student organizations, and folks in the APIDA community to bring the community together.

Anoushka Barpujari

Anoushka Barpujari is a fifth year International Affairs and also recently pre-med student hereAnoushka at Northeastern University. Since her freshman year, she has been a leader within the Asian American community as well as the Northeastern community. As an AASIA mentor, PAAC representative, PAAC at large, as well as the current co-chair for Asian American Heritage week, she has had the opportunity to see herself, her peers and the community as a whole evolve and grow. Her favorite part about being so involved on campus is the personal connections she is able to make with people who have similar leadership goals and visions for the Asian American community. In addition, she enjoy constantly becoming a better leader each year.  In the future, Anoushka hopes to become a successful doctor and travel to developing countries to set up mobile health clinics particularly for women and children. In her spare time, Anoushka enjoys drinking coffee, meeting new people and traveling.

Emily Miller-McGlone

Hometown: Philadelphia, PAEMM

Major: Computer Science and Communication Studies 

Emily Miller-McGlone is a third-year middler pursuing a degree in computer science and communication studies. In her first year at Northeastern, she became involved with the Asian American community through the AASIA peer mentorship program. Her experience in AASIA ignited her passion to explore her identity as an Asian American adoptee and to get involved in discussions surrounding the Asian American experience. 

Since then, Emily has been involved with the Pan Asian American Council as the Asian Student Union's PAAC representative. In addition, her time as a sister of Kappa Phi Lambda has taught her more about Boston's Asian American community through community service and philanthropy. Emily's experiences in the Asian American community have helped to shape her into the person she is today. She is excited to be working with Anoushka Barpujari to bring the community a fun and thought-provoking Asian American Heritage Week in the Spring. 

In her free time, Emily can either be found napping (anywhere and everywhere from dorm room floors to Snell's couches),  exercising (biking around Boston), or eating. She has a love for food and cooking and can out eat almost anyone.

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